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    August 18, 2018
    Observations of a Chamber of Commerce Intern
    By Solomon Kronberg
    As a recent graduate of Cheboygan Area High School my search for a meaningful career has only just begun. Like many students, I found entry level employment in the food and service industries, and like most I found these jobs to be simply tolerable sources of income. However, I have also had the unique opportunity to intern at the Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce, a non-profit organization with high hopes for our city’s future. Before my interview at the Chamber, I only knew the organization as something akin to our local government. As I came to understand, a Chamber of Commerce is a type of non-profit organization found wherever there are healthy economic communities. Chambers of Commerce provides member businesses with vital resources such as marketing opportunities, equipment, and business education. They also benefit the citizenry of the places they call home by sponsoring and creating local festivals and other events. In a growing economy such as Cheboygan’s, an entrepreneurial community is the secret ingredient for success. That community cannot and will not be successful without the resources provided by a strong and innovative Chamber. The recent increase in Cheboygan’s fiscal success directly correlates with the great efforts of Scott Herceg, Polly Schneider, Deedra Haselhuhn, and all the Chamber Staff past and present. They have persistently shown dedication to our town’s success through their work to bring us the best events and festivals. They have been the ambassadors and educators Cheboygan’s business owners needed. They have remained faithful to their duties and goals despite political differences, or any other obstacles. They have been a joy to work with. Thank you for the laughs, advice, and everything else. You’ve taught me so much about what I want to do in my professional life, and how to better myself and others. Our community is truly blessed to have such people looking out for our economic success.
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