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    June 13, 2018
    Perspective on Cheboygan
    By Solomon Kronberg
              Cheboygan Michigan is many things to many different people. To some it’s home, a calm harbor to raise a family. To others it’s an escape, a place to let worries drift down our Cheboygan River. To those of us who come of age in this community, Cheboygan is the loving foundation upon which to build ourselves into the people we wish to become.
    Personally, I fall in the latter most category. I moved to Cheboygan at a young age as my father sought a career to support his new family. While the transition was at times difficult, I have found friendships that will last a lifetime. These friends would join me on childhood adventures into the woods, around campfires sharing ghost stories, and inside snow forts preparing arsenals of snowballs. As seasons changed and years passed, our activities, interests, and pursuits changed as well. We grew taller, more rebellious, more willing to test the boundaries. The one thing that never changed was the community’s willingness to take us as we were, to show us love and to help us grow. We were shown how to work hard, to always treat others with respect, and to never hesitate in extending the hand of friendship.
    For me, the most influential lesson was to always respect and cherish the natural places of the world. Michigan’s environment is one of the most unique and breathtaking on the planet, and Cheboygan’s location at the mouth of the Inland Waterway makes it the perfect place to experience the area’s beauty. As a result, the people of Cheboygan are passionate in their appreciation and protection of the land and lakes. I have come to strongly identify with this passion, as well as the prioritization of respect, loyalty, and pride in our home. I believe that these community values have been instilled into every generation that comes out of our town. 
    As my class of 2018 leaves the trappings of true childhood behind and prepares to venture out into the world, I am confident we will stand strong in the Cheboygan values we have been taught. This fall I will leave Cheboygan to attend Michigan State University where I plan to study Political Science and Environmental Management, and I am deeply excited to move on to a new chapter. This is as it should be, however I will not deny there is sadness and nostalgia in my heart. To me, Cheboygan has been as great a gift as any I’ve received. I will always be thankful for this place and its people–as well as many of you reading this–for everything throughout the years. Thank you.
    ~Solomon Kronberg
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